The Court has certified a class (the “Certified Class”) consisting of all persons who between January 10, 2001 and May 2, 2005 (i) were residents of the United States, and (ii) contacted Hotwire, Inc. through its website at www.hotwire.com in order to reserve hotel accommodations that were not part of a package arrangement as defined below, and (iii) received a price quote for such accommodations from Hotwire, Inc. that specified a price for the accommodations plus an additional charge for “taxes and fees” or “taxes/fees,” and (iv) paid Hotwire, Inc. for the accommodations plus the “taxes and fees” or “taxes/fees.” For the purpose of the Certified Class, a “package arrangement” is a reservation that includes hotel accommodations plus any other element of travel (such as airline tickets or a rental car), where the price for the hotel accommodations is not separately stated. “Persons” are natural persons, partnerships and corporations. Excluded from the Certified Class are Hotwire, Inc. and its employees and agents, the Honorable Richard A. Kramer and his family, all governmental entities, and all persons who timely request exclusion from the Certified Class.

Hotwire has denied and continues to deny the allegations made in Plaintiff’s complaints and denies any and all liability with respect to the facts alleged therein, and denies that anyone has suffered damage or is entitled to any relief whatsoever. The Court has not decided whether Plaintiff or Hotwire is correct.

Every Class Member shall have the right to submit a claim for additional settlement benefits. To make a claim, a Class Member shall, on this Settlement website, provide confirmation under penalty of perjury, that between January 10, 2001 and May 2, 2005, while residing in the United States, he, she, or it is a Class Member and made and paid for a non-Package hotel reservation on the Hotwire Website. The Class Member shall also provide his, her or its name, current mailing address, and current email address, and any other email address(es) and names used by the Class Member to make such transactions on the Hotwire Website.